Brand DNA Workshop


Our head of brand will lead you through an immersive Brand DNA discovery session that reveals and defines the purpose behind your business. Expect breakthroughs.

We cut to the core of who you are and establish the fundamentals of your brand. This includes your company values and long-term strategy for your business.

We take a deeper look into your story, your brand and the team behind it. By examining your competitor landscape, we can cultivate a message that will resonate and empower the foundations for your brand strategy!

Duration: 3 Hours   |   Delivery: Remote or In-Office



Build Customer Loyalty & Trust

  • Develop your Brand Personality
  • Define your Brand Emotion & Tone of Voice

Attract The RIGHT People

  • Cement your Core Values
  • Understand your Target Audiences

Differentiate Yourself From Competitors

  • Map Out your Competitor Matrix
  • Clarify Your Golden Circle: Why, How, What

How do we deliver the workshop?

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Delivery: The workshop can be delivered online or in-person
  • Location: Google Meets (online) or Growth Gurus HQ (in-person)

How do we ensure success?

  • We request dedicated, uninterrupted time from members
  • We encourage a willingness to learn a new process and approach
  • We ensure we have diligent note-taking
  • We stick to an agenda
  • We are clear on the problems to solve

Who Should / Should Not Attend

There are a few reasons why someone should and shouldn’t be invited to these meetings. Here’s a list of criteria you should run through to make sure we get the most value out of the day:

Do invite someone:

  • That can make or influence decisions
  • Who is able to see the big picture of the company
  • Who understands how departments work together, not focusing on their part of the company
  • Who has a good vision for the company

Do NOT invite someone:

  • At the wrong level of your organization that might misconstrue the discussion
  • That wouldn’t be a good representative
  • Who wouldn’t know what to divulge to others and what to keep to themselves
  • So that “they can learn about the company”
  • That is not clear on the goals
  • That can’t fully dedicate their time

Leading Brands Loved It

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