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Our e-Learning Course

Learn digital marketing online – from any device, anywhere. Login to your account to get into your courses.

Upon completion of this training you will

  • Have a strong understanding of how digital marketing works holistically
  • Unlock a powerful digital toolkit that is being used by marketing professionals worldwide.
  • Learn our process covering the full spectrum of digital marketing starting with strategy leading into brand, web, social, SEO and analytics.

Each module ends with a quiz to make sure you fully understood the principles covered. Pass the quiz to access the next module and pass them all to earn your certificate.

This course is for any individual who wishes to enhance their understanding of digital marketing. It is ideal for people working in digital marketing who feel they need further understanding of the holistic approach to digital marketing as well as for company owners who want to understand the importance of marketing and how to start developing their company’s marketing strategy.

Lessons will be delivered in modules and sections, each featuring a video lesson from one of our gurus. Some modules have activities and challenges. Each module has a quiz at the end which must be completed before proceeding to the next module.

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