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On-Demand Digital Marketing Consultancy

Leverage our experience and expertise to help you achieve your digital, tech and marketing goals with the help of our team of dedicated consultants.

Together we will identify the issues, define a plan, execute accordingly and measure the results to make strategic decisions to grow your company.

What do we offer?

Your consultancy package will be tailored directly to your needs. Here are some of the typical problems we solve with our consultancy clients.

1 | Tech Audit

We will make sure your digital channels are properly set up and being used correctly to suit your business needs.

2 | Defining Your Audience

We will create well crafted buyer personas which will allow us to personalize your campaigns and content.

3 | Digital Marketing Funnels

We will analyse your existing funnels and implement short term tactics and strategize long term tactics.

4 | Conversion Pixels

We will implement a relevant pixel strategy to ensure we can track all users on your website and segment for future campaigns.

5 | Content Mapping

We will develop a content plan to effectively make use of each of your selected platforms and audiences.

6 | Advertising Masterclass

We will fully analyse your previous digital campaigns and put together an in depth strategy to optimise the KPIs that are important to your business.

7 | The art of Automation

We can advise on setting up all ads to ensure a carefully automated funnel is in effect.

8 | Getting Creative

We will analyse and provide feedback on the content you want to use for advertising and help you measure their success. From our benchmarks, we will brainstorm and create briefs.

9 | Feed The Gorilla

Once everything is set up and we have a plan, it’s time to launch. We will help you execute discovery campaigns and test your plan on small audiences before scaling.

10 | Benchmark & Expand

What have we learnt through the journey? Let’s benchmark and amplify all the successful tactics!

Book your session

Our goal is to be your go to consultants, knowing we have your best interest at heart, backed by our knowledge and team who are at your disposal.

Book your consultancy sessions directly into the calendar of one of the directors of Growth Gurus. Bring your digital marketing, brand or website problems and we’ll help you solve them.